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Child Abuse Prevention Services

Working to reduce and prevent child abuse, strengthen families and assist children and families who have experienced abuse through prevention, education, and counseling.

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Together, we can make Asheville - Buncombe a great place for all children to have a safe, healthy childhood and the opportunity to reach their potential.

  • Child Abuse Prevention/Personal Safety Education
  • Outreach
  • Crisis Intervention - Counseling for Children & Families
Prevention and Personal Safety program is an interactive research-based program which reaches 7,500 children, and not only educates but empowers them with skills to protect themselves, to develop support systems, and to recognize, resist, and report abuse.  We’ve added internet safety, cyberbullying, and bullying.
Outreach provides adult training on "Recognizing and Responding to Abuse", "Stewards of Children" child sexual abuse prevention training for adults, and includes community outreach programs as “How to Talk to Your Children About Child Abuse”, “What Do I Say Now”, etc., PTOs, civic, and church groups.
Crisis Intervention - Counseling for Children & Families who have experienced abuse with immediate access following the devastating trauma of disclosure of abuse. Children and parents have the opportunity to stabilize, get through the horrific crisis of abuse, and learn new ways of coping. This program serves several hundred individuals yearly. Many of the children are so young that this includes art, play and sand tray therapy, as well as family centered, solution focused, trauma recovery treatment, including Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior (TFCBT), as appropriate.